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Star Trek and all related properties are the copyrights of CBS Television Studios, which currently own the production rights. No infringement intended or desired. We are NOT making ANY profits as a result of this. This is just for fun, entertainment, and to support Star Trek. For fans, by fans. Under no circumstances are any members of this simulation group allowed to make any profit from the use of images, videos, audio or anything on this website (or the forums) that references Star Trek or it's associated mediums. Anybody found to be making a profit in any way whilst a member of this simulation will be removed from the website with immediate effect and will be referred to the proper authorities and CBS Television.


This notice is to inform you about the policies for collection and use of personally identifiable information on the Bravo Fleet web site. Sites which are linked to this site may have different policies; please review the privacy policy notices on those sites for details.

We do not collect personally identifiable information about you on this site without your knowledge, and all such information is collected directly from you. For example, we may* ask you to provide your e-mail address, name, e-mail address, or other information about yourself in order to participate as a member of this simulation. You are not required to provide us with this information, but if you choose not to, you may not be able to participate in some of the activities on this site.

We use the information we collect from you to allow you to participate in the site activities for which the information is collected. For example, when you give us your e-mail address in order to submit your site for an award or other service offered on this site, that address is used only to communicate with you regarding those services you have applied for. We do not use contact information contained in contest entries to create mailing lists or for any other purpose. For further information about how we handle entries to a particular contest, please consult the applicable contest rules. We do not share personal information provided by site visitors with anyone outside The Bravo Fleet web site, except to the extent necessary to allow you to participate in site activities (for example, to send you a prize that you have won in a contest on the site). In particular, we do not rent or sell mailing lists of site visitors to any third party.

We try to keep the information we collect from you as current as possible, and we take steps to maintain the security of your personal information and to prevent unauthorized access to it by those who do not have a legitimate need for it. We will never post your e-mail address or other identifying information you have provided on our site without your consent.


All activities on this site are carried out in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. Under that Act, and to comply with legislation within the host country of the server for this simulation and legislation from the Commanding Officer's home country, no person may apply for, or be a part of this simulation if they are under 13 years of age. This is a non-negotiable matter. No person under 13 years of age should provide any personally identifiable information on this site without the knowledge and permission of your parent or guardian. Should a parent/guardian approve of such information, they must submit a written and signed document giving such approval and email such approval to the Commanding Officer, to indicate that they understand this policy

Such approvals will be kept by the Commanding Officer only until such time as the person in question reaches 13 years of age, after which time, the document will be destroyed. At any time if such approval is revoked, an email MUST be sent to the Commanding Officer and the access to the website of the player in question will be revoked within 24 hours.

This further extends to the Discord chat room, and while the chat room is rated as 13+, any member found to be under 13 years of age will be removed unless such approval above is given.