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Tsubaki Sawabe





Executive Officer



Played By:


Current Assignment
Duty Station:

Main Bridge, Alpha Shift

Quarters Assignment:

Executive Officer's Quarters, Deck 2

Data Access Level:

Level 4

Security Clearance:

Level 8

Authoritsation Code:


Service Record
Member Since:

1 January 2016

Bravo Fleet Link:

Tsubaki has a light build as she is very athletic and loves to play sports. She keeps herself physically fit and healthy. Due to being born in Japan from a Japanese family she has a distinct oriental look to her facial features. Her brown hair is often kept parted in the middle, and down to her neck nice and short. It is said that her eyes sparkle in the light and she has a kind face and she seems trustworthy at first glance.

Physical Appearance

5ft. 5in.
110 lbs.
Hair Color
Eye Color
Medical Clerance
Counseling Evaluation
+ Athletic & Good Softball Player.

+ Kind & Caring. + Dedicated to the job.

+ Protective of those around her.
- Can be unsure about hher heart when it comes to relationships.

- Can sometimes lash out in strange ways when under pressure. - Doesn't always understand Techno-Babble - Isn't the best phaser shooter in the universe, but adequate enough.

- Can be too caring and this sometimes affects her job role.
Tsubaki's ambitions are to one day make her way up the ladder and have command of her own ship, ideally a medical ship. She wants to help others and wants to show Starfleet that Medical Doctors can make a big difference in the command tract. One day Tsubaki also wants to have her own family, she is still a little naive with her heart, but one day she will settle down and have her own children. (She already has decided she wants three and has names for them, not that anyone knows this.
Hobbies & Interests
- Playing softball

- Running & Swimming - Medical procedures & Treatments - Classical Music - Cycling - General sports - Japanese Culture & Naval History - The Human Body and Evolution

- Child Development
Federation Standard English.


Kotaro Sawabe
Tomoko Sawabe
Other Family

Personal History

Tsubaki was born in Japan in the city of Osaka. As a child she was always close to her friends. Her grades were always good and she was an excellent student in her elementary school days. When she was eight years old she and one of her friends were playing and fell down a hill, rolling over each other. Because of this she broke her ankle in three places, and her friend had a twisted knee.

She carried him home, even though she had a broken ankle and put up with the pain. It was this encounter when she became fascinated with helping others and assisting with them. She however was scolded badly by her mother and father for hurting herself and making it worse.

Throughout school she was known for working hard and putting effort into her subjects. She also was very kind and caring to others. Boys joked about how she had never had a boyfriend, but didn't ask her out as she was seen as "Out of their league". During her middle school years Tsubaki became interested in Softball. She began to play nearly everyday and enjoyed the feeling of her muscles moving and gripping the bat, she felt powerful and the burn in her lungs was an amazing feeling for her.

By high school she had become her school's Softball Captain and loved being in command of the team. She had also decided that one day she would go into the medical field. She had secretly been studying hard to get into the Tokyo University Medical School.

Tsubaki graduated High School at age eighteen and applied for several Universities. She was overjoyed when he was accepted into the Tokyo University Medical School on their Medical course. Her university years were good for Tsubaki as she spent the next four years training as a junior doctor. She excelled at several medical subjects, and found a particular passion for paediatrics. She enjoyed working with children that were in hospital and specialised in paediatric medicine. After four years at the University she graduated with a First Class Medical Degree.

The road to becoming a full doctor however was not over. She had her Medical Degree but she still needed to complete two years of a medical foundation to earn the full Medical Doctor status. She began to apply at various clinics and surgeries across Japan, however there was an influx of Doctors so she didn't get any. After exhausting all of her options she looked oversees and it was suggested that she could apply at Starfleet.

Tsubaki was shocked to hear that Starfleet would be happy to have her. She soon found herself in San Francisco, working at Starfleet Medical. She had also been given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade due to her University Degree. She enjoyed working in Starfleet Medical, especially with different species and people. Eventually she was visited by Captain Paulson, the current head of the Starfleet Medical Complex. She had completed her Medical Foundation and was now considered a full doctor and had an interesting career in front of her.

He explained to her that she could now become a doctor on a starship if she wanted. She could make a difference off of Earth and help others out there. Paulson also explained that one day she would make an excellent commander of people and he could easily see her commanding a Medical Ship or Installation one day. Tsubaki considered his advice for several weeks and finally had an answer, she would take that big step and walk out into space.

At age twenty four, Lieutenant Junior Grade Tsubaki Sawabe stepped aboard the USS Fubuki as a junior medical officer. The USS Fubuki named after the destroyer IJS Fubuki fascinated Tsubaki as she remembered the name from her history lessons. This began her fascination with Japanese Naval history, especially in World War Two. For some reason she enjoyed researching the ships and the battles. As a medical officer she worked hard aboard the Fubuki for the next three years.

When she was Twenty Seven she earned the rank of Full Lieutenant and was offered the rank of Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Dragon, one of Starfleets Galaxy Class Starships. She took the offer and transferred to the Dragon. She loved her job aboard the Dragon and enjoyed the feeling of running a department. She found the fact that she was in command of the entire crews medical and health needs oddly satisfying. However after a year as the CMO on the Dragon she recieved some bad news.

Captain Paulson back at Starfleet Medical had unfortuntely passed away. She spent the next few days thinking about what he had said. She thought about how he told her she would one day make an excellent commander and could see her running a medical ship or facility. It stayed at the back of her mind, it was always there bugging her as if it was pushing her along. Eventually she decided to talk to the captain about the strange feelings she had.

The captain of the Dragon assured her that everything was going to be alright and that one day she would get there. She accepted that fact. Another two years passed and the Captain of the Dragon surprised her on her 30th birthday with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. He also promoted her in title too, to the positon of not only Chief Medical Officer, but that of Second Officer as well. He had taken into consideration her desire to one day run a medical ship, and explained to her that if no one else would give her that chance, at least he would.

Tsubaki stayed aboard the Dragon for another two years. She found the challenge of being second officer rewarding and enjoyed running a shift. She also found herself pushing herself forward to strive in her personal endeavours and to do what was right for the people around her. Tsubaki believed that if a command officer got to know their crew then they would form a better working relationship.

After two years an opening came up aboard the USS Cavalry. The opening of Executive Officer. She once again approached her Captain who told her to apply for it. He assured her that she needed to take the next step, he had set up the ladder for her and now it was her time to climb. She applied for the position and awaited news from the Commander of the Cavalry.

Service Record

Tokyo Medical School
Starfleet Medical Medical Intern (Medical Foundation, 2 years)
USS Fubuki Junior Medical Officer
USS Dragon Chief Medical Officer
USS Dragon Chief Medical Officer & Second Officer
USS Cavalry Executive Officer


Dedication Citation: 6 Months
awarded on 21 November 2016
for completion of 6 months of service with the simulation
Captain's Ribbon
awarded on 1 January 2017
for amazing work supporting the simulation over the last seven months, I don't think the simulation would be where it is today without the support that Will has provided not just to myself as the Commanding Officer, but also the whole simulation. Will has been very proactive in getting new players involved right away in the mission, supporting those who are needing assistance in getting involved and alway around to answer questions and has been a great source of opinion when it comes to improvements that need to be made to the simulation. Will is an active poster and even encourages me to post more and more these days.
Dedication Citation: 1 Year
awarded on 1 January 2017
for serving the simulation for 12 months, thank you for your dedication