The year is 2394

The Alpha Quadrant, rocked by the Supernova at Hobus some 7 years ago, is still reeling from the loss of life. With that, new ideals were formed, a whole race needed to start all over again. They have lost everything that they ever held dear to them, and now, small pockets want to recover what they had before. All it could take is a shot across the bow to have chaos throughout the quadrant.

With the dust settling down, Starfleet has decided to shift their focus back to the original mission of “exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where nobody has gone before”. The Federation is back to its former strength as well, becoming a leading presence in the alpha and beta quadrants, and that very presence of maintaining the peace that was so hardly fought for in the Dominion War is paramount.

The USS Cavalry, assigned to Bravo Fleet’s Task Force 99 is tasked with a wide range of missions, not just tasked with the core mission of the Federation, but also missions such as simple patrol missions, to first contact missions with new worlds, to fighting to keep the peace between all different sides. From diplomatic situations to preventing neither side getting an upper hand. Peace took too many lives. It is this crew that is tasked with ensuring no more lives need to be lost for peace.

We all stand ready to face the adventures that await. Come and join us.

Thank You, and welcome to our website!

Captain Samuel Wentworth
Game Master/Webmaster (and Commanding Officer)
Asteria Division, Task Force 99 "Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time"
Bravo (Fourth) Fleet

Out of Character Information
We are a +13 rated simulation, and that also includes our Discord channel. We have been an active simulation in various incarnations since October 2007, but have been on the USS Cavalry since 1 October 2013. The USS Cavalry is commanded by Captain Samuel Wentworth (TheCaptain on Discord)

We are a crew that prides itself on using our rank as an in-character tool, where we respect each other and work together to do what we all came here for, that is to write and have fun. No matter if we succeed or fail, we do so as a team, as a family. Our missions are part of who we are, and we all get from this simulation what we put into it. The drama we have is only in-character because we respect each other. That is our core ideal and something we strive for every single day. We aren't focused on pumping out 100+ posts every month, we are focussed on having quality and descriptive posts each and every single month.

That is what we stand for, and that is what you will get with a simulation like the USS Cavalry. If you are interested in joining, or you want to find out more about the simulation before you make the leap to join us on our adventure, why not send us an email through our contact page or find us on Discord!

Latest News Items

» Changes To Privacy Policies

Posted on Monday May 7th, 2018 @ 6:09pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth in Sim Announcement

I won't go into everything since you can read the above announcement from the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, but I can tell you all that over the next day or two, I will be developing a privacy policy for the simulation. It will address all of the details in the above fleet announcement and will ensure that prior to the introduction of any new legislation.

I know we have all seen the news about Cambridge Analytica and the massive fallout that it has had across the whole internet, and I am very serious about internet security and privacy. I want to assure every single person on this simulation and every single guest who applies as well as those who have previously been part of this simulation that your information is secure. Under no circumstances is personal details or any information provided in the application process or details from Discord are handed to a third party or any other outside source.

The details you give are kept on this website and on the Bravo Fleet website as well. The Admiralty are working with Anodyne Productions to produce an update to allow for the users to delete their own accounts in order to better comply with the easy opt-out provision of this EU legislation that is coming into effect towards the end of this month, however, I already provide such matters in that any former member may request to have their information fully deleted from the server and such things would happen within 24 hours.

The new privacy policy will be uploaded to the database over the coming days and will be linked throughout the website. I will provide a link to you all once that is completed.

» Engineering Officer

Posted on Wednesday March 7th, 2018 @ 5:06pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth in New Players

Please join me in welcoming Chief Petty Officer Wes Cullen to the simulation as our newest member of the Engineering team. Now, Wes (better known as Michael) is actually a former member of this very simulation, some 18 months ago, and it is great to welcome a former member back to the Cavalry family!

» Player of the Month

Posted on Monday February 19th, 2018 @ 3:20pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth in Ship Awards

Well, what a way to start the week. I'm proud to announce that our very own Ensign Vincent Turner, Chief Engineering Officer has been awarded the Task Force 99 Player of the Month award for January 2018.

"He has been a great help over the last few months without an XO. He has stepped up and assisted me in running the sim, and while he has said that he doesn’t want to be full-time XO; he has done a great job as an assistant game master with me, and I would not have had the help in moving everything over from the old wiki site to our Nova site if it wasn’t for Tom stepping up and helping out. We still have some way to go but without him, we would still be stuffing around with the old website system instead of fully working through Nova now."

Please join with me in congratulating Tom on this fine achievement and fine award!

» Chief Medical Officer

Posted on Wednesday January 31st, 2018 @ 7:37pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth in New Players

Please join with me in welcoming Brian to the simulation as our brand new Chief Medical Officer, in Ensign Hilea t'Rehu. Brian has a great character coming onboard and I am really looking forward to meeting this character and incorporating Ensign t'Rehu into the storyline for the upcoming mission.

» Welcome Back!

Posted on Monday January 8th, 2018 @ 4:57pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth in Sim Announcement

It is now 8 days (or 7, depending on timezones) into 2018, and now we are getting back to our full posting and simulation rules. This means everything is back in force and it also means I will be starting a big recruitment push over the coming weeks to really bolster the numbers. We currently have 9 crew and I would love to see that number get higher this year and to really see a big increase in posting across the whole year. We will be starting our new mission at the end of the month, so be ready for that. I will outline all of this in the upcoming simulation update email, which I still need to send out. With all of this, it means that from now, I will need the following things from everyone: -

1. A reply email (or a response to Discord will suffice this year) as to whether you are staying or leaving the simulation. If you are staying, I will also need to know whether you are wishing to change characters and/or positions. (Please note, changing positions will not alter your current rank unless it is an enlisted position to an officer position). If you are leaving, I will need to know that as well and you will be given 24 hours to post your departure from the simulation if you wish to do that.

2. I will need a solo mission post from everyone who is staying to bring their character back into the storyline. For continuity purposes; the storyline will be that the ship has been at the border for the last three weeks, with the Ambassador onboard and there have been ongoing discussions between the General and Chancellor. So the story has moved forward three weeks and I will reference that in my post which will be coming out tomorrow.

These two things need to be completed within the next seven (7) days, so by the 15th January 2018 (GMT+11) at this time, or you will be removed from the simulation. This year there will be no extension of time on this, once the 7 days has expired, anybody who has not responded will be removed. The quicker you get this done, the quicker we can move on, and the quicker I can recruit for new players, including an Executive Officer.

Latest Mission Posts

» Out Of Contact, Part Two

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Posted on Tuesday August 14th, 2018 @ 2:41pm by Ensign Vincent Turner & Ensign Lia t'Rehu


The tendons in the back of Vincent's hand spasmed a moment, and he let out a grunt of pain. His skin did become less transparent, though.

Tapping her combadge, she said, "Doctor t'Rehu to Engineering, I need a full strength anyon decontamination of cargo bay 2, ten seconds in…

» Out Of Contact, Part One

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Posted on Saturday August 11th, 2018 @ 2:17am by Ensign Vincent Turner & Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Doing a manual reconfiguration of the warp coils was always a slightly alarming experience. While the coils were at full power, the concentrated subspace field they produced was hazardous to life, but while they were off, you couldn’t read the field to determine how it needed to be adjusted. Field…

» Damage Control

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Posted on Wednesday August 1st, 2018 @ 8:09pm by Ensign Vincent Turner

Several hours had passed since the USS Cavalry's dramatic encounter with the anomaly, and main engineering was still a hive of activity. Almost every system on board had been damaged to some extent, though the greatest damage was still the three deck wide breach on the dorsal aft of the…

» Malicious Compliance

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Posted on Monday July 30th, 2018 @ 10:29pm by Marine Captain Vincent Turner (Mirror)

Marine Captain Vinnie Turner rounded the corner, phaser rifle raised to his shoulder. Beside him, Warrant Officer Gully did the same in the other direction.

“Clear,” Gully called.

“Clear,” Vinnie echoed.

The Obav Th’thaanar’s main engine room lay ahead of him, warp core thrumming with power. Hanging from the ceiling…

» Going Backwards

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Posted on Thursday July 12th, 2018 @ 2:50pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth

“It’s Tommy Morando, coming up to bat, bottom of the ninth; two outs and only one chance for the Indians to win this world series. Can Sammy Riggles, who has been on fire tonight, come up with the final pitch, the one that wins the game and takes this to…

Latest Personal Logs

» Versions of Truth

Posted on Wednesday August 15th, 2018 @ 3:42am by Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Lia ended her shift. She felt good about saving Ensign Turner. Her voracious appetite for learning had again served her well. While personal logs weren't something she enjoyed to do, this seemed to be a special occasion.
Padding over the refresher (sonic shower), she cleaned herself, then changed into a…

» Arriving at the Road Not Traveled

Posted on Tuesday August 7th, 2018 @ 4:56pm by Lieutenant JG Teagan McGuire R.N., Ph.D.

It's not typical for me to be speechless after a senior staff meeting, but as the saying goes, there is a first time for everything. The details are unclear to me, but somehow, we've managed to find ourselves in the Terran Empire, in an alternate universe from our own. The…

» Familiarity and contempt

Posted on Friday June 1st, 2018 @ 7:48am by Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Getting back from a shift in Medical. Lia went to the refresher and changed into a black cotton garment. The replicator had called it a Karate-Gi and her research showed it to be a form of fighting and training uniform. She like that it covered everything, but left her movements…

» Easter eggs and Evaluations

Posted on Sunday April 1st, 2018 @ 8:47pm by Lieutenant JG Teagan McGuire R.N., Ph.D.

I thought I'd take a brief moment to offer a routine update for the required personal log. I will admit there's nothing terribly exciting to report, but I take comfort in the mundane whenever I can, given the excitement we've experienced. The psychological evaluations continue to take up most of…

» Welcome aboard

Posted on Sunday February 18th, 2018 @ 11:05am by Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Lia finally made it to her quarters. The enlisted crew member instructed her in the function of the rooms facilities. It was lavish to the extreme. Her time in the Death Squads made nearly anything seems luxurious. The Decius, her former home, was comfortable in her mind. It had nearly…