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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All players on the simulation must be over the age of 13. This is in order to comply with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) as well as relevant child protection and privacy protection legislation in the country of not only Bravo Fleet, but the Commanding Officer and the location of the where the server currently resides. All players wishing to join must provide at least their first name (no nicknames allowed, please) and also include their birth year. Any players found to be under the age of 13 will be immediately removed and banned from re-joining the USS Cavalry and may be banned from joining Bravo Fleet as details will be provided to the Bravo Fleet Command Council. All information provided is kept only to the view of members when they are logged into the website.

Section #1 - General Rules

Respect, Family, Quality, Teamwork, Friendship

  • The USS Cavalry is a +13 simulation, meaning there is no offensive or sexual language permitted. This also means that all players must be 13 years of age or older to be a member. Further details can be sought on our Privacy Policy.
  • All players must comply with all rules on this page, as they also extend to the simulation's Discord Chat server.
  • All players must respect the command team, each other and the fleet at all times. This is a hobby, not the military. We work together and work as a team. If you are not going to be a team player, please do not apply.
  • All players, including the command team, must follow the posting and activity guidelines found here on this page.

Section 2 - Joining Guidelines

  • All applications will be considered by the command team and responded to within seven days. Applicants will receive a courtesy email informing them that their application has been received. Applicants are asked not to bombard the command team with emails asking about the status of an application unless they have not heard a response within seven days of submitting their application.
  • All applications must be 100% completed and must be original and not be copied from this website, another fleet member or fleet simulation. Any plagarism will result in the application being rejected straight away and referred to the Bravo Fleet Admiralty.
  • Applicants must avoid using any of the following in their application: -
    • Canon characters or ships, including the new TV series (Star Trek: Discovery). However, canon events are welcome and encouraged (i.e. biographies should not reference any time on the USS Enterprise, but may use events from the Battle of Wolf 359)
    • Canon character photos, which also extends to canon characters from the current crop of reboot movies (i.e. players can not use William Shatner or LeVar Burton as their character image, but may use actors who played a minor role as long as they are not in costume)**
    • Any species deemed not to be suitable for acceptance to the USS Cavalry as determined by the command team and/or the playable species list as outlined by the Bravo Fleet By-Laws.
  • Players must also provide a correct and active email address and must inform the command team of changes to their email address at any time.
    • Failure to provide a correct and active email address (i.e. bouncing emails) will result in immediate removal from the simulation.

Section 3 - Posting Guidelines

  • All posts must contain proper English spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Players are encouraged to write their posts on word processing software, or with a grammar checker add-on to their browser before posting to the main mission. Minor writing in other languages is acceptable in order to progress the storyline.
  • All posts must follow the proper posting format, which can be found on our Posting Style database page. There is also a list of posting tips which will also help in posting onboard.
  • Posts must be more than just lines of dialogue. Posts must be a combination of speech, action, and/or thoughts.
  • No player may overwrite another player, or change or edit their work without permission.
  • No player may seriously harm or injure another player's character without permission from that character's player.
  • No player may seriously damage or destroy any vessel or technology without permission from the command team.
  • All subplots must be approved by the command team. We rarely say no, but it is still polite to ask.

Section 4 - Activity Guidelines

  • All players, to be considered active, must post to the main mission, at least once every two weeks. This may be a solo mission post or a joint mission post. This may be extended at certain times by the command team if required.
    • Players may submit a personal log as well, however, this will not be considered as being active unless the player has also submitted a mission post during that time frame, after which, the personal log will be counted
  • Any player who can not, for any reason, post to the website for more than two weeks must submit a leave of absence through the LOA system. A leave of absence will be valid for up to two weeks, while an extended leave of absence will be valid for up to 6 weeks. Any leave longer than 6 weeks will need to be discussed with the command team.
    • Any player found to be abusing the leave of absence system will be removed without question.
  • Any player who is on either a leave of absence or extended leave of absence is exempt for the period of their absence as per their leave request form.
  • All tags to joint mission posts should be answered within 72 hours, to allow the storyline to progress at a steady pace. If a player is unable to respond within that period, they should attempt to notify all co-authors of the post.
    • Failure to notify joint mission post authors of inability to answer tags for more than 7 days will result in a strike being issued.
  • Any player who fails to post and/or login to the posting area for a period of four (4) weeks, unless on an approved absence, will be removed from the simulation.

Section 5 - Disciplinary Guidelines

  • Any player who is deemed to have broken any rule of the simulation is liable for either a warning, a strike, or removal from the simulation. Details can be found on the strikes & removals page of this website.
  • Any player who has three strikes against their name will be removed with immediate effect from the simulation
  • Strikes clear at a rate of one every 90 days
    • Any player removed for having three strikes against their name will be ineligible to rejoin the simulation until two strikes have cleared (i.e. 180 days)
  • All player's strike record are kept private and are not viewable by any other players on the sim, except members of the command team and the Bravo Fleet Command Council
    • The Bravo Fleet Command Council can only view a player's strike record when it is required for an internal investigation regarding the safety of the fleet membership