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Pre-Mission: All New Beginnings

Mission Start Date: Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:16 am
Mission End Date: Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:30 am
Mission Posts: 50
Mission Log: All New Beginnings

Mission Synposis
As the USS Cavalry arrives back at Earth, the news is mixed. Not only has the President-elect been returned from his ordeal, and has been able to take office. His kidnappers have been arrested and will face trial for their crimes, everyone is appreciatively for the hard work that the entire USS Cavalry crew have done for the Office of the President. Many of the crew have been given their normal new set of orders, but the biggest news is that Commodore Harrison, the Commanding Officer has been given the choice of a new assignment or to stay with the USS Cavalry.

Some hard goodbyes are made, but Commodore Harrison can not bring himself to say goodbye to his senior staff but has taken his new assignment at Starfleet Command, and already a new Commanding Officer has been assigned. Captain Samuel Wentworth is assigned to command the USS Cavalry. Now at Earth, the whole crew have been given two months off from duty, two months to spend with friends and family, head to those new assignments and just generally have some fun and enjoy the summer heat that gleams every inch of Starfleet Command.

Debriefing for the senior staff can’t be done quick enough, they want time away as well. The crew spread out to all corners of the world, some even to other planets. It is just a lot of enjoyment, excitement and intrigue to what will happen next with the USS Cavalry.