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New Player's Guide
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Joining The Simulation



You are the newest crewmember to join the USS Cavalry family. We want to welcome you like you've been here all the time, and we are so very happy to have you join us. The USS Cavalry, since it's inception has operated on the five core values of Respect, Family, Teamwork, Quality & Friendship. We feel that these five core values, represent what it is that we are here for, what it is we are all doing, and the foundations that will continue to build the USS Cavalry into the future. We are a simulation that plans on being around for a long time, so we can provide our part of the world. It is always very exciting to be joining a new simulation, but we also understand that it can be a daunting experience, even the best of us sometimes find it hard to get involved straight away, or to find our feet once we have been accepted to join. Simulations that have been going for a long time... they might be pretty established, but they are also a great family to be a part of. That is what we are here on the USS Cavalry. A family, a team. We are all here for you to help you get involved in our storylines, in our writing and to have a great writing experience. Here are some things that can help you and that can be done to get you right into what is going on.

1. Please... Ask Questions!!!

Don't be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers. Don't be afraid to send a private message to the Commanding Officer asking a question, or jumping onto the Discord channel and ask your questions we are all here to help. The thing is, we were there before; we have all been new crewmembers to a simulation at some (well, many) times in our simming and writing times, so we know what you are feeling, with being new to a simulation and wanting to get yourself settled in. Questions will help you to get a better grip about what is expected around on the USS Cavalry, but the big things are that you are here to have fun, to enjoy writing and to enjoy the writing experience that we are providing.

2. Our Welcome Email

Now, we don't mean you email everyone (although you can send private messages now to people), but the Commanding Officer will send out a news item to the whole crew, and you, welcoming you to the simulation. The news item will detail your character name, position, rank and also a nice message to make you feel at home. This should go out within a few minutes of you receiving the acceptance email. It is always a good idea to read through the acceptance email, there are some things in that email that you will need to do, and they also help you to get right involved in the writing experience on the USS Cavalry. The email will be all about you, so even if two other people join at the same time as you, you will get your own news item, because we want to celebrate each of our crewmembers.

3. Look Through The Website (and the database)

Something of an importance, as the database, is an ongoing project, but it already contains very important files such as different guidelines and procedures for the USS Cavalry and information that can really help you with your posting. Have a look through what is already there, and keep checking back with the database, as new things are added all the time. When a big update is made, it is normally sent out via a news item, but small updates and minor changes are normally not announced, so you do need to keep an eye out on it. From time to time, the Commanding Officer might send a link to you, to help you with making the transition and to make things easier for you. Use the resources you have on offer on the website during your time to make your time and your writing experience here the best it can be.

4. Write (and Post) your Introductory Solo Mission Post

Something we ask of all of our new members is a solo mission post. This is done for a couple of reasons: -

  • To clear your name as soon as possible from the activity listing, which the Commanding Officer checks to ensure that everyone is active and posting each month
  • To get you involved right away in the current storyline, and to welcome you into the storyline
  • To allow you to introduce yourself, your character, your writing, and for you to choose how you want to enter the storyline

The most common way for our members to come into the storyline is a shuttle ride, which is one of the sample post examples that you could have used in your application. If you did that as your sample post, then, by all means, use that post as your introductory post. I am sure the crew would love to read it. This must be done within the first seven (7) days following your acceptance. If it starts getting close to that window, you will start to get private messages asking about that post, and a long period of time may result in your removal, and we'd hate that to happen...

5. Jump onto Discord with us (and the fleet)

We have our very own chat channel/server on Discord which we'd love to have you come and join us on. All the crew are there and it's a great place to get settled in and get chatting with the crew. The chat can be found right here: Discord Chat. While you are there, why not also jump onto the Bravo Fleet Discord server and chat with fleet members from all around the Task Force and other Task Forces. You may find another great simulation to add onto your USS Cavalry experience, or find out more about the fleet. We can provide you with the links, and the link is also on the forums.

6. Meet Your Department Head (and/or the Executive Officer)

Just like in any new job, you have got to meet your new boss, and while it is purely an in character experience, it is a great way for you to get some joint posts under your belt and launch right into the storyline. The USS Cavalry is all about character development as much as mission development and it would be a great chance for you to get some development in both areas with your department head. All you have to is head to the writing mission post page and start up a joint post by finding your department head in the drop down menu. A good joint post can take a couple of days, and we have a posting format and some posting tips to help you out. But you may be a department head yourself, well then, you have got to meet your new Executive Officer. This will be the person you will have the most (in character) contact with. Just like above, head to the writing mission post page and start up a joint post with the Executive Officer, they are normally the second person in the drop down menu. Even if you aren't a department head, why not meet the Executive Officer anyways. A couple of days in, and you will already have three posts under your belt, you are getting good at this.

7. Get your Medical & Counseling Clearance

By now, you will have already been assigned your quarters and security clearances, and they will appear on your biography already (if not, contact the Commanding Officer), but the two small things you haven't gotten yet is medical clearance and counselling clearance to be approved for duty. Here are another couple of joint posts for you to work on. Our fine Chief Medical Officer and Chief Counselor, I am sure, are waiting for you, just waiting for that joint post email reminder, and before you know it; there are another two posts to your name, and you are all good to get your teeth stuck into the mission if you haven't already. Wait a minute, there is one other person you haven't met yet...

8. Meet the Commanding Officer

Yes! The big one, the Commanding Officer himself. This is the big one, and just like the others; all you need to do is the writing mission post page and start up a joint post. No need to ask... It might have taken a few days, but in that time, you've already got four or even five posts already under your belt, and you are doing a great job. You can start as many joint posts as you want, and they can take a couple of days to write, as you can leave multiple TAGs for the other author(s) to respond to.