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In a world where one species has been rocked to their very core, another has lost everything they ever held dear to them, and both are bent on showing that they can recover in vastly different ways. All it takes is one shot to the bow and hell might break lose. Add into that one race that may choose to take advantage of all the chaos and it looks like a recipe for disaster. The Federation has moved forward from the Dominion War, peace is maintained on a daily basis and a rebuilding that has taken many years but finally; the strength of the Federation is back and is a leading presence in the alpha and beta quadrants, a presence of keeping the peace that was fought over so hard all those years ago. With the dust settled and peace restored Starfleet has begun to shift their focus back to their original mission of exploration. Now after years of peace, a devastating natural disaster has ravaged a once proud people!

The USS Cavalry is tasked with patrolling these borders, assisting citizens where needed, and helping to keep the peace. Engaging in diplomatic situations and preventing anybody from getting the upper hand. Peace took two decades to become a reality; one incident will not bring that to a crashing halt. The USS Cavalry is also tasked with the core mission of Starfleet, the ideas that Starfleet was built on… exploring new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisations, and to boldly go where nobody has gone before. The USS Cavalry, classified as a +13 simulation, is set in the year 2394, has been assigned to serve in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 99 and has been an active simulation as a whole since March 2011. The USS Cavalry is lead by its current command team, comprising of Captain Samuel Wentworth and Commander Tsubaki Sawabe, with assistance from Ensign Vincent Turner as Assistant Game Master

We are a crew that prides itself on using our rank as an in-character tool, where we respect each other and work together to do what we all came here for, that is to write and have fun. No matter if we succeed or fail, we do so as a team, as a family. Our missions are part of who we are, and we all get from this simulation what we put into it. The drama we have is only in-character because we respect each other. That is our core ideal and something we strive for every single day. We aren't focused on pumping out 100+ posts every month, we are focussed on having quality and descriptive posts each and every single month. That is what we stand for, and that is what you will get with a simulation like the USS Cavalry. If you are interested in joining, or you want to find out more about the simulation before you make the leap to join us on our adventure, why not send us an email through our contact page or find us on Discord!

We all stand ready to face the adventures that await. Come and join us.

Thank You, and welcome to our website!

Captain Samuel Wentworth
Game Master/Webmaster (and Commanding Officer)
Alternative Division
Task Force 99 "Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time"
Bravo (Fourth) Fleet

Commander Tsubaki Sawabe
Assistant Game Master (and Executive Officer)
Alternative Division
Task Force 99 "Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time"
Bravo (Fourth) Fleet

Ensign Vincent Turner
Assistant Game Master (and Chief Engineering Officer)
Alternative Division
Task Force 99 "Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time"
Bravo (Fourth) Fleet