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June 11, 2332


Chief Medical Officer



Played By:

Gerald Weeks

Current Assignment
Duty Station:

Main Sickbay, Beta Shift

Quarters Assignment:

Katara's Quarters, Deck 4

Data Access Level:

Level 3

Security Clearance:

Level 6

Authoritsation Code:


Service Record
Member Since:
Bravo Fleet Link:

Being 5'9, Katara is the medium to mid range height of a common Romulan. She has a built figure in the swimmers built motif and is quite athletic. She has the standard boot size of 6 and is trim all the way along her body to a D size bust and is well figured on the facial features. She has a strong jaw, small sized nose with pouting red lips and the feature that all would recognize on a Romulan, the pointed ears that are not upward, but pointed towards the back. Her hair is long but in a ponytail with long curls down the side of her fact and a couple small bangs over her forehead.

Physical Appearance

5ft. 9in.
178 lbs.
Hair Color
Eye Color
With medical studies from the Romulan Empire, Katara is well strengthened in the handling of illness and injury. Katara is strong about her family and the Romulan Empire but has shown strength in becoming a Starfleet officer as well. Other strengths include maintaining structure, fighting personal battles and maintaining a balance between her professional and personal life.
Katara may be a strong individual but she has a weakness against anything to stand away from a challenge. She places her hand into the cookie jar too many times which is a big weakness for her as that personality of her Romulan Heritage is to be nosy. She does have a weakness to the human male as she does find them attractive but tries to keep her composure around human males.
Ambitions are one thing to Katara as she one day wishes to be a Federation captain commanding her own vessel. She also has the ambition to become more than one, but to have a family but she hasn't really found the right person to be with.
Hobbies & Interests
Katara has a range of sports she likes to play including hoverball, velocity and a good game of chess whomever is willing. She has also taken the need to take up some culinary arts and loves to make some good cooking now and then.
Federation Standard, Basic Romulan.


Other Family

Personal History

Katara was born on the Romulan Homeworld Romulus in 2332 and was nothing but bombarded with the Federation as enemies from anyone she talked to including other classmates when she was a child.

With many against the Federation, Katara found the human race fascinating so she started to secretly gather information on the human culture and their customs. During the years into the Romulan Academy, she made ample attempts to understand the human forms better so she decided to take up biology and get into the medical sciences on Romulus.

While in the Academy, Katara learns that the Federation was starting to maintain close ties to the borders and after she graduated applied to place as a medical technitian on a Romulan ship that go along the borders as her curiosity is in full gear with the human civilization.

Katara is accepted onboard the T'Meri, a Romulan scout ship that patrols along the border regularly. She gets her first taste of the human culture when a lone human was caught along the borders of Romulan space. Katara was the medical officer in charge to scan the Human and examine him to the fullest detail. She felt the urge to bond with him and this was the first time ever as a thrust into the Human sexuality of the Human male as she found him fascinating. He is sent to the Romulan prisons and she is partly saddened to see that happen.

With more years under the same command of the T'Meri, the ship is disabled by some unknown source and is rescued by a Romulan D'Deridex class ship, the T'Vemchi. The commander of the vessel takes Katara under his wing and makes her the chief medical on his ship.

Katara is stationed with the T'Vemchi into the Dominion War once the Romulans entered into the war against the Dominion in 2374 and she makes each attempt to learn more on the Human cultures. She had a chance to visit DS9 while the war was still going on and witnessed a variety of cultures interacting which made her more perceptive to working together with many species of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Katara remains with the Romulan ship T'Vemchi until she learns of a harder instability of the Quadrant when the Borg start the ramifications of a massive suicide run into the Federation in 2381. The Federation is near crippled at that point due to the Borg attack and Katara makes the move to submit her application to the Federation Starfleet Academy.

While waiting to be given permission to enter the Academy, Katara serves as a civilian medical officer on the station Sierra 39 perfecting her ways to help the Humans and Romulans alike. While on the starbase, she learns of the Romulan system being destroyed and she helps any and all Romulans that come their way to the station.

Katara enters the Academy in 2389 and is placed into Starfleet Medical training so she could learn the practices of Human medicines. She becomes well versed in the different concepts and varieties of the practice and with her recent experience on Romulus, is called into action as she graduated the Academy with honors in biology, exobiology and the medical knowledge of most species now.

Katara is graduated from the Academy and awaits her first assignment on Earth in 2393...

Service Record

Romulan Academy of Medical Science
First Medical Officer of the Romulan Scout ship T'Meri
Chief Medical Officer on the Romulan ship T'Vemchi
Civilian Medical Officer on Starbase Sierra 39td>
Starfleet Medical Academy
Chief Medical Officer on USS Cavalry