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Departed Crewmembers
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This is the manifest for those players/characters that have left our simulation, but have played a part in our storyline. These characters have since left the simulation and therefore are not in use. We retain their profile and biographies as archival material only, unless the player wishes to return to the simulation. Under no circumstances are these characters to be used when they appear here, unless express written permission is sought and obtained by the command team. This includes potential applicants using these biographies as their application, attempting to pass them off as their own. If (and when) this is found out, the player in question will be barred for life from the simulation, their character will be deleted from the system and they will be referred to the Bravo Fleet Command Council. Those members of the simulation who failed to post during their time onboard the simulation will not appear here, this will only be for those who posted and were considered active on the simulation. Visitors who are looking at joining may apply for one of the vacant positions on the crew manifest page.

Departure Date
Chief Security & Tactical Officer Zinovia.jpg R-o1.png Ensign A'Nya Zinovia 20 September 2017