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New Player's Guide
Posting Style
Starting Ranks & Promotions
Nova Posting Area
Joining The Simulation

Welcome to the USS Cavalry database. We are currently writing in the year 2394. Here on the USS Cavalry, we encourage detail and description in our posts. While we don’t use timestamps like mission days and times or backposts, there is nothing stopping our fantastic players from writing epic stories and with that desire, there needs to be a way of getting the information and details we want in our mission posts to be accurate. That is where this database comes in handy. A plethora of information can be found right here, all you have to do is go searching for it.

Some pages are internal and will just go straight to a page created on this very site, some will link to other pages around Bravo Fleet like our very own fleet wiki database and some may link externally to other sites such as Memory Alpha. We have tried to set any links that go beyond our little website to appear in a new tab (or window) so that you don’t lose your place or forget about the USS Cavalry website. If you have any questions, please shoot us an email through our contact page and we will answer it as soon as we can. Enjoy browsing our little database.

Some Important Pages

  • New Player's Guide - all those questions about getting started on board the simulation answered right here.
  • Posting Style - we have one style/format of posting on board the simulation, an example is here for everyone.
  • Posting Tips - just some tips to help with your posting on board the simulation.
  • Starting Ranks & Promotions - for those wondering how the command team assign ranks on the simulation and how promotions are done.
  • Strikes & Removals - for those (rare) occasions when the rules of the simulation aren't followed by members of the simulation.
  • 50 Things To Post About - for those times when you are completely stuck on what to post about

Sf-command.png Command
Flight Operations
Security & Tactical
Sf-operations.png Operations
Sf-engineering.png Engineering
Medical & Counseling
Sf-intelligence.png Intelligence
Marine Detachment
Civilian Affairs