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Mission Details

Mission Start Date: Fri Mar 31, 2017 8:34 pm
Mission Finish Date:
Mission Posts: 147
Mission Log: The World Breaks Everyone

Mission Synopsis

The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.
But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. ~ Earnest Hemingway

After leaving Earth with their new commander, Captain Samuel Wentworth, the USS Cavalry has some new systems installed into the ship, refitted areas of the ship and new crew throughout. Department heads are training new crew in the systems and learning some new ones themselves, all the while; the ship is heading off to the Klingon border due to a major issue that Starfleet feels needs their attention.

It seems that intelligence reports have detailed that the Klingons may be planning an attack on either the Federation outposts that litter the border or the Romulan outposts that are trying to rebuild the Romulan civilisation after the events of the Hobus Supernova. It is going to be a big task for the Cavalry crew, having to not only patrol the area, but they have been given the ultra-risky task of actually heading into Klingon space and meeting with a representative from the Klingon High Council who wants to defect to the Federation, as there are some parts of the High Council that want to invade and start taking over Romulan space after ceasing any possible invasion in the two years following the event.

Starfleet want to keep the peace, they want to ensure stability for the Klingon people, the Federation citizens in the outposts and also ensuring that the Romulans are given all the best chances to rebuild themselves properly, as an invasion of the outposts that are housing the refugees who did escape, would be a disaster. Starfleet need to also ensure the safety of the representative as this has been 12 months in the planning. They need the representative alive. It is going to be a hard task for the Cavalry crew. Are they up to the task?

Mission Briefing


  • Alpha Quadrant

Main Objective

  • to provide support for a successful defection of a high ranking Klingon official

Secondary Objective(s)

  • to patrol and protect any outposts that may require assistance
  • to maintain intelligence reports to Starfleet regarding Klingon troop and ship movements around the border

Threat Level

  • Medium


  • possible Klingon Vor'cha-class
  • possible Klingon Negh'Var-class

Current Objectives

Mission Objective(s)
  • away team to depart ship and head to planet surface (approved away team members only, please)
  • marines to begin training for possible insertion into Klingon space if needed
  • any minor ship-based issues that need attending to
  • begin diplomatic communications with General K'Mortk and the Klingon Chancellor, try to find a diplomatic solution to the problem going on, try to keep them away from finding out that the away team is Starfleet-based and not civilian
  • any minor ship-based issues that need attending to
Flight Operations
  • piloting shuttle for the away team, while also being part of the away team to go and see the Ambassador on the planet surface and try to bring him back to the ship for negotiations
  • any pilot certiciations that are needed for crew, whilst away on away team
Security & Tactical
  • work with the away team, going to be tricky as you need to act like a civilian medical team to be able to pass off that you are visiting the Ambassador to give him a check-up.
  • away team can work on the plan whilst travelling to the planet surface
  • just making sure that the ship is operating within normal parameters
  • routine maintenance of the ship can be a priority. Within the storyline, it has been about seven months since we last visited a starbase for any repairs, so there could be things that need a check-up whilst we have the time.
  • work with the medical team on a plot twist that is about to be coming around the corner, I will discuss the plot with you both shortly. It has to do with the medical condition of the Ambassador and may be a clue to either help us find a solution to the crisis or it may hinder our chances at a peaceful resolution
Medical & Counseling
  • work alongside Science on the above plot twist which I will discuss with you shortly.
  • medical exams for those crew who have not had one since the new command have come in
  • counselling sessions for all crew need to be completed, no away missions for crew who have now not been cleared for active duty
  • work along with the command team on diplomatic and communication strategies for the Chancellor and General K'Mortk, we need to know everything that there is to know about them, so we can work something out that suits them both and doesn't put us at a disadvantage.
  • will also need assistance on the upcoming plot twist to do with the Ambassador
Marine Detachment
  • marine boot camp underway to get the marines into training for a possible incursion on the planet surface if the General finds out about our plans and launches some sort of tactical offensive against the away team or the planet itself. We will need the marines on ready five alert for the duration
  • ensure that marine platoons are on ready alert if needed to head straight to the surface to assist the away team