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The chain of command was a ranking system used by militaries and other organised groups. It represented the line of authority down which orders are passed from one officer to another, and also the line down which passed command of a particular vessel or installation. Aboard a starship, or most starbases the chain of command began with the assigned commanding officer, usually an officer of the rank of captain, or in some cases commander. If the commanding officer, for any reason, was unavailable to command his or her post then those responsibilities passed down the "chain" to the first officer, then the second officer, and so on through the chain.

The USS Cavalry only uses the chain of command as an in character tool, as we prefer that out of character, we work together as a team and that nobody is above anybody else when it comes to offer suggestions, opinons about the future of the simulation. The only time the chain of command applies in an out of character sense is when matters of disipline are required.

Commanding Officer R-o6.png Captain Samuel Wentworth
Executive Officer R-o4.png Lieutenant Commander Tsubaki Sawabe
Marine Detachment Commander G-o5.png Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi
Chief Flight Operations Officer (Helmsmen) R-o2.png Lieutenant JG Oliver Wilde
Chief Medical Officer R-o2.png Lieutenant JG Katara
Chief Counselor R-o2.png Lieutenant JG Teagan McGuire R.N., Ph.D.
Chief Intelligence Officer R-o1.png Ensign John Alexander
Chief Engineering Officer R-o1.png Ensign Vincent Turner
Chief Science Officer R-o1.png Ensign Rosalind Lam, Ph.D
Chief Security & Tactical Officer R-o1.png Ensign Chris Wilkins
Commanding Officer's Yeoman R-e4.png Petty Officer 3rd Class Julia Doerr