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Application To Join
Bravo (Fourth) Fleet

So, you want to join the USS Cavalry? Fantastic! We look forward to reading through your application.

On the USS Cavalry, we ask that all potential members wanting to join register their character with the Bravo Fleet Management System (BFMS). This is the central hub for all characters and acts as our little area for the whole fleet. Everyone can see what we are about, the manifest, what positions are open and even what missions we have done and are working on. It is all there for everyone to see. Having your character on that manifest on the BFMS ensures that your position is just yours and nobody else can take it. It also allows us to enter details such as awards and promotions so that if you choose to transfer to another simulation (even though we hope you don't) or leave and want to come back to the USS Cavalry, then we have your records all ready to go and you can hopefully just get straight back into it without having to search around for a copy of your biography. It is all there straight away.

There is a very simple process, so if you follow these steps, then your application will be on its way in no time to the command team. We attempt to get word back to you within 24 hours that we have received your application and then no more than 72 hours after that you should hear a word as to whether we are going to accept or reject your application to join us here on the USS Cavalry.

Application Steps

  • Create a username and password, then complete the CAPTCHA verification then click on register.
    • Your confirmation should be emailed to you (check your spam folders as well, just in case it appears there).
  • Once you have confirmed your registration then login using the username and password you just created. This will then send you to the main player hub.
  • On the left-hand side, you should see “Characters, hover over that and select “Create Character”.
    • This will allow you to begin creating your character.
  • Fill in all of your details about your character. Each section explains what it should say, but I will have access once I see it to fix any little things up for you.
    • Please do not include a rank in your application, this is determined by the command team following our discussions, so if a rank is there, we can change it.
  • In the Current Service panel, leave your status as Active and search for the USS Cavalry. Please make sure you tick the box that says “check this box unless you are already a member of this simulation”.
    • This ensures that your application appears at the top of my character's list since I (as Commanding Officer) have access to all character pages for the simulation.
  • Once you’ve filled everything out, select “Publish” on the right-hand side of the page.

Your account will then be sent to me and I can have a look at your character, along with providing a copy to the command team so we can have a brief discussion about your application. Once I have seen your application, I will email you to let you know that it has gone through and that we have the application. This also checks that your email address works and that we don't get any issues with emails. Approximately 72 hours after that, you should be getting another email from me letting you know whether we are approving or rejecting your application. If we approve your application, it will have a list of what will happen next and welcome you to the simulation. If we are rejecting your application, then we will let you know what needs to be improved and then you are more than welcome to resubmit a revamped application via email or apply for another simulation elsewhere.

If you have any questions, please contact the command team either via our contact page or jump onto our Discord chat and we can help you out. We look forward to seeing your application to be part of the USS Cavalry family