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And I Do Mean No One!

Posted on Wednesday August 29th, 2018 @ 11:26am by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Staff Sergeant Rita Hernandez

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Location: Marine Administrative Offices
Timeline: Current

"What did the Colonel say, Martinez!?" Kachiko could hear as soon as she slipped through the hatch into the Marine Armory.

"C'mon, Chica!" Kachiko could hear Martinez whine. This made the small Officer cringe, knowing that Corporal Matías Martinez just stepped in 'it' with the fiery Staff Sergeant. Stepping around the corner, she spied the two, Kachiko just catching the other woman's eyes. As she stood over the Corporal whom was in the push-up position.

"Chica!?" Rita shouted. "That's STAFF SERGEANT to you, boy! The Colonel expressly forbade any personnel off of the ship, unless we had to recover one of our own!"

"What have we, STAFF SERGEANT?" Kachiko spoke up suddenly, emphasizing the Chica's rank.

Rita looked up from the errant Corporal, "Lieutenant Colonel! The Staff Sergeant reports that Corporal Matías Martinez was caught attempting to deboard onto the station."

"What else did you do, Martinez?" Rita growled at the prostrated Enlisted man.


"Speak up, pendejo!" Rita pushed him onto his side with a boot.

"I left my post!" the normally proud Corporal was near tears. An ice white eyebrow arched precipitously.

"You. Abandoned. Your. Post. Do you understand what that means, you dumbshit!?" Kachiko did not sound terribly amused now.

"That I'm cleaning everything, in triplicate, for the next three months?" Martinez offered, peeking up at the pale Officer.

"No, dipshit! It means that you're going to the brig until Captain Wentworth decides what to do with your useless carcass! Rita, escort Mister Martinez to the brig. Do try not to hurt him, much, along the way."

"Yes, ma'am!" Rita grabbed the back of the man's collar and started marching him to the hatch. As the pair disappeared, the Officer turned toward her office when another voice sounded out, "Colonel!"

A white tressed head turned to the approaching Ensign, not sounding terribly enthusiastic at another interruption, "What?"

"Ma'am, could you please get your people out of our way?"

"How about... no?" Kachiko offered sarcastically."The hell is the problem?"

"They won't let us process departures onto the base. We have people transferring out, Colonel," the snotty Ensign rolled his eyes.

"That is because the Captain already said that NO ONE IS LEAVING THE SHIP!" Kachiko shouted."I already told you dolts this in the daily briefing!"

"You did read the briefing, right?" Kachiko asked in a much calmer tone of voice.


As the mortified Ensign remained silent, it was the Colonel's turn to roll her eyes.


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