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Taking Charge

Posted on Monday August 27th, 2018 @ 5:43pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth (Mirror)

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Location: ISS Cavalry
Timeline: Current

He marched down the corridor, three MACOs right behind in, step by step, the time was getting closer. What was about to happen, only happened in the rarest occasions. This was not one them, this was pure mental ability. This was about ensuring that the mission was a success. Because right now, they were failing, and failure was never an option.

The man stood at the turbolift. His commander rank slides shone bright, he had spent days working on this plan, weeks planning every little detail of it, months training the MACOs behind him, ensuring they were loyal to him, and to only him. It had been weeks since the ship had done anything, crew were getting anxious, they wanted leadership, they wanted a leader. They didn’t have that right now. They would have leadership again very soon.

The doors opened, and the four personnel walked in and stood, shoulder to shoulder, this was the moment; “Deck 2” barked one of the MACOs.

Moments later, the turbolift doors re-opened and the four stepped out. The Commander was the first, he was the leader, and he would soon be the supreme leader. This was his time.

Banging on the door, it read “Captain’s Quarters”. This was only one thing.

Captain Oliver Falconside stood at the door; “What do you want, Commander”

“Stand aside, I’m assuming command. You are weak” he said, walking with each MACO right behind him. Once they were inside. They stood opposite the Captain, soon to a former Captain

“Over my dead body” he said, standing his ground.

One of the MACOs, gun-ho in his manner, raised his rifle and pointed it point-blank at the Captain. His Captain. That move made it abundantly clear that he was on the Commander’s side, and nothing would stop this from happening. One slight movement and the barrel would end the Captain’s life.

“I’m not going to ask again, Captain. Stand aside and you might live” responded the Commander.

“Like I said, you will have to kill me first, because that won’t happen. You are weaker than half this crew, they will turn against you in a heartbeat, you know nothing. Without me, you are nothing” replied Oliver.

The two MACOs remaining stood steady, they heard that from their Captain. The man they were trusted to defend, but at this moment, they turned on him. The fact was that, in their mind, the mission was a failure. With the Commander, they had a chance. A fighting chance.

“I’m sorry, sir” came the voice of the two remaining MACO’s, they holstered their rifles and aimed them directly at the Captain. Both aimed right at his chest. As they moved around, the three rifles were now aimed at his head. None of them were going to fire, this had to be done by the Commander.

“Captain, you have no battle plan here, I hold all the cards, as you put it so many times. That win-win scenario is now lose-lose. Stand down, and you might just live to see the empire defeat the Tholians, unless I hand them over to you for a bit of play time” joked the Commander, he had no plan to let the Captain live.

“Commander, you have no care for this crew, your battle plans are always weak, you are weak. Just watch as the crew mutiny against you in a moment of weakness, begging for me to come back, you have no moves that the Tholians aren’t ready for. Only I give us a chance to survive and win this war” he replied, his final moments were possibly coming soon.

“What would you know, Captain. I have been by your side for the last three years, watching your every single move. Nothing you have done hasn’t been seen by me, I know every single battle plan, and I plan on taking not just this ship, but your life” he replied, ripping the rifle from one of the other MACOs. The first one still has his rifle aimed squarely at the Captain’s temple.

The Commander aimed the rifle at the Captain’s heart. It was his final moment.


The Captain dropped to the floor.

“Clean this mess up” barked the Commander

“Of course, Captain. Long live the empire. Long live Captain Samuel Wentworth”


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