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You Need To Know This...

Posted on Monday August 27th, 2018 @ 5:44pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth & Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Lieutenant JG Ella Moran & Lieutenant JG Teagan McGuire R.N., Ph.D. & Ensign Vincent Turner & Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Current


Samuel sat watching the pitch, it went right past the bat.

“STRIKEEEE!” yelled the umpire

“Computer, pause program. Save at this time index and end program” he said

“All senior staff, briefing room. 5 minutes” he said, getting up from his seat


Sophi had been on the bridge ensuring the smooth running of it whilst the Captain was otherwise engaged. As short-lived as it was she was soon called away from her duties and therefore left a junior officer in charge in her stead.

"Captain," she said upon her arrival and took her place on his left side at the top of the table.

Lia arrived, the omnipresent padd and large tea mug in her hand. She nodded to each and spoke a brief greeting. She settled into more paperwork until she was addressed.

Vincent wasn't far behind her, his own padd and tea in hand. He was getting jittery micromanaging the various engineering teams that were restoring the Cavalry after her rough trip, and his usual coffee was only making it worse. He resisted taking another glance at the progress, though.

Teagan entered dutifully, taking a moment to passively scan her eyes over the other occupants in the room, looking for subtle signs of distress or concern. She didn't expect to find any and in actuality, everyone seemed focused, if a bit curious, but still, it was her job to make sure there weren't any obvious concerns or unmet needs.

Kachiko sighed as she paused briefly before stepping through, looking unusual in a sky-blue kimono, a simple white silk belt wrapped around her waist. The only normal part of her ensemble was her ever-present blacked out phaser.

She paused to smile faintly to Lia, "Doctor." She then sat down next to the Romulan, wondering how the lady was settled in aboard the Cavalry?

Lia was still unsure about Teagan. She mildly greeted Lia, but otherwise, Teagan appeared to be quiet. How well Lia knew that storms could brew below the surface. While she was reasonably sure no one would execute her on sight anymore, this was still too new for her to be calm on the inside yet. Her very practised demeanour was just that. Decades of practice not showing any emotional state.

"Alright, everyone quiet down, please. This is important and you need to know before it gets out. We have a problem, well, the ship is a problem. We aren't really at Akaria Base, but we are. Somehow we have transitioned to the Terran Universe, a mirror universe. You probably thought this was a myth but it has happened and it's happened to the Cavalry. Your orders are to make it crystal clear to your departments that nobody is to leave Akaria Base. Shoreleave is cancelled for everyone for the time being, and anybody who was due to travel to a new billet will have to be told that it won't happen at the moment." said Samuel.

"Did the base also switch over?" Kachiko asked. "This is unfortunately not my first trip into the Terran Empire. "I will have the Company report to you, Lieutenant Jameson, to supplement your people. None of them will be taking leave until we are able to get back to our own reality."

"Everything switched over, but the base commander knows about these temporal or universe changes and is trying to, behind the backs of the empire, learn about how it happens. They aren't far into the research, so we might want to help them as well. They have offered to provide everything about the Terran Empire and universe, allow for us to change whatever is needed to survive while we work on a way to get back to our timeline, and our universe"

"Are we likely to run into ourselves? Is the Terran version of the Cavalry in the neighbourhood?" Vincent asked.

"It's a big galaxy, Ensign," Kachiko remarked. "Your duplicate, should they still be alive, could be anywhere. I would be thoughtful and prepared, though I wouldn't worry too much."

"Thankfully, I do not have duplicates in mirror realities," Kachiko shrugged. She couldn't disclose to anyone save Wentworth and Kasana just how that it was that she was unique across multiversial realities.

Lia commented. "This is a joke of practical nature? I find this all hard to believe. Parallel universes. Copies of people running around. Fantasy!"

"I wouldn't be so quick to discount it, doctor," Vincent said, "One of my former postings saw some work on interphase research. In addition to whatever falls though from our reality, you'd be surprised at what you can haul out that clearly never originated here. Entire, self-sustaining universes are just a few phase variances away."

"I have visited this alternate reality in the past," Kachiko sighed. "That said, not all humans and Vulcans of the time are part of this tyrannical Terran Empire. There are rebels in addition to splinter factions, one of which I became uncomfortably familiar with. The Empress of a large splinter group was the duplicate of Starfleet Captain Sun Mei Xiang, whom is my sister-in-law and the mother of Cadet Sun whom came aboard for her Cadet Cruise at our last mooring."

"There's a lot of possibilities that you are not aware of, Doctor," Kachiko smiled at the lovely Romulan woman. "Remember, Starfleet are explorers and scientists before we're a military force. The Empire would not be likely to share such knowledge with anyone below the Senate level and most Senators would squander such knowledge."

"Let's keep the questions about what is going on in here to a minimum, nobody will be leaving the base or surface anyway so we won't get any time to study it or find out what is going on. I'm assigning our intelligence, operations, science, engineering teams to find a way to get us back home, work with the staff on the base if you need to, they will give you access to what you need. Marines alongside security and tactical teams will need to be on patrols to ensure nobody leaves. Lieutenant Jameson, who was our head of security departed the ship after the last assignment due to personal commitments, so Lieutenant Colonel, you will act as head of security until we return to our timeline. The teams have already been spoken to down there are looking forward to integrating for the mission with your marines." replied Samuel

Thankfully, Kachiko was already a fully trained Security Officer long before she was drawn in the Corps. The small woman just nodded once, "Aye, sir. I'll get on that as soon as we're finished here. If anyone has questions, bring them to Staff Sergeant Hernandez, whom will bring it all to me."

"I've got a few ideas about how our warp field could have caused the transition," Vincent said, "I'll have to look back over the sensor logs to confirm it, and we'll likely need to complete repairs to the warp coils before I can implement a way back."

"I'm still compiling the reports for you, sir, and I'll have them on your desk as soon as possible." Moran nodded and pulled out a data padd and looked at it before turning to Turner, "I think it's going to work out best for the both of us if we work together on this." She finished up with a smile.

Vincent nodded to the phase regulator strapped to his arm. "I think the doctor would agree, considering last time I got too close to the coils I nearly got spaced."

"I want anybody who is not sure about what they are doing here, or is worried about what is happening to see the fine doctor and Lieutenant McGuire, they will be the point of contact for anything, even if you think it is minor. All senior staff will be required to have a weekly chat with Lieutenant McGuire, and Lieutenant.... I would like to speak to you in my office privately. My sessions will be there" replied Samuel

"Of course, sir," Teagan replied. She was pleased to see Wentworth was setting an example for the rest of the crew.

Lia offered. "There aren't too many my staff and I haven't seen. Just a few that I am pursuing to get this over with." I'll be able to conclude crew and civilian physicals shortly. I will inform you if there is noncompliance."

"Anybody been missed?" he asked

"Dismissed, you have your orders. I find anybody leaving and they will be in the brig or confinded to quarters. Undersood?" Samuel didn't wait for a response


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