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Going Backwards

Posted on Monday August 27th, 2018 @ 5:43pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Location: Akaria Base
Timeline: Current

“It’s Tommy Morando, coming up to bat, bottom of the ninth; two outs and only one chance for the Indians to win this world series. Can Sammy Riggles, who has been on fire tonight, come up with the final pitch, the one that wins the game and takes this to a deciding seventh game” yelled the announcer across the PA system.

Samuel sat in his seat, enjoying his old fashioned hot dog with sauce, his rolled-up program banging on the wall in front of him. It was the best seat in the house, he could watch the pitcher warm up his arm for the pitch, he could see the catcher make the sign underneath his glove to the pitcher, the batter swinging the slugger in anticipation of the pitch. This was true baseball, the way it used to be played back in the old days before the popularity faded away. Samuel loved this, this program was one he built many years ago and it came with him each and every time he was assigned to a new ship.

He finally had the time to run it, he had spent the last four hours on the base at Akaria, well, what he thought was Akaria and finding out everything. He was still in shock, he needed this time to process it all in his mind before he spoke with his crew, they were unaware, but he just knew soon someone would put it all together and then the truth would come out.

[Hours Earlier]

“Captain, please, take a seat. I’m sure you have some questions once I have told you what is going on” said the man, Samuel still didn’t know his name

“Sure, but what is going on and who are you” he replied, this was his chance

“Oh, where are my manners. Captain Francis Victoria-Clarke, at your service” was the reply. At least now, Samuel knew the name

Francis, heading to the computer terminal pressed a few buttons and then appeared was something even Samuel was quite aware of

“Captain, it seems very clearly that at this point in time, your ship has travelled into an alternate universe, the terran universe to be specific. I’m sure you are aware of this universe?” he asked

Samuel, remembering back to his training days, remembered that the terrans, the empire as it was, was a repressive interstellar government dominated by the Terrans from Earth. The Empire ruled by terror, its Imperial Starfleet acting as its iron fist. In the Imperial Starfleet, officers promoted themselves by killing superiors that did not follow the rules of the Empire.

“Did you confine your crew to the base, and the planet. No off-shore travel yet?” asked Francis

“Yes, as your communication directed.” replied Samuel

“Good, I did a check of the personnel here when your ship arrived and based off your crew listing you provided and we do not have anybody from this universe matching the names of your crew, so at the moment, they won’t run into the alternate version of themselves” Francis was being very helpful in all of this.

“I’m going to need to tell my crew soon, they aren’t going to like being kept in the dark. What is the deal with us being here?” came Samuel’s response, he was more puzzled with each passing moment.

“At the moment, Captain. This base is under Starfleet control, still. We are at war with the Tholians, still. After almost 90 years, that war is still going on. You can use this base, as a standpoint to work on finding a way home, and we can help you blend in while you are here. Anything you need, please ask. If you will excuse me, Captain. I need to attend to my duties. My assistance is always there if you need it” as Francis left the room. It wasn’t sudden, but Samuel felt a bit uneasy with it all

He looked at the screen and wondered what they were going to do

[Present Day]

Samuel sat watching the pitch, it went right past the bat.

“STRIKEEEE!” yelled the umpire

“Computer, pause program. Save at this time index and end program” he said

“All senior staff, briefing room. 5 minutes” he said, getting up from his seat


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