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Stretching The Limits, Part Five

Posted on Monday February 19th, 2018 @ 2:40pm by Lieutenant Ryder Jameson & Ensign Lia t'Rehu
Edited on on Monday February 19th, 2018 @ 2:41pm

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Location: Security Training Facilities
Timeline: Current


She wasn't expecting the fall, she rolled away and tried for upright, but only making it to one knee. Instinct took over and she thrust it toward his abdomen and hit the trigger again.

Ryder now untangled from her rolled onto his back looking towards the kneeling woman and how she was pointing her staff. Knowing if it could retract it was an easy guess it could also shoot out in full length. The staff exploded into his vision striking his gut before he could dodge, causing all the wind out of him! Sucking in a raspy breath he kicked out his right leg in an attempt to strike the woman before making a dash for his staff now only a few feet away.


She raced towards his staff and managed to meet him at the same time, she tried to flick it away but it didn't go far. The balance between them made it clear they were evenly matched and the fumbling around made her back-step and laugh a little, uncharacteristically. "Either we both need more practice, or this may take a while." She offered.

Ryder hunched over catching his breath before standing upright holding the area her staff had impacted, and let out a rusty chuckle. "Or maybe we're just so good neither of us will ever win" he opted, "truce?" He motioned holding his free right hand to settle their sparring with a handshake.

It was an unfamiliar gesture but one she had heard of. Taking the hand she matched Ryder's motions. "Truce, young one. Are you as good with other weapons as you are with the staff? Many consider it outmoded and they would be right, but it can be a surprise most aren't ready for."

Ryder nodded thinking about the question before saying "We had to adapt and use tactics not familiar to use, the Terran empire didn't expect us to fight with archaic weapons I think it was our only advantage. I also know how to use a bow" he admitted, "but that's where my use of old weapons go, I could probably wield a short sword. It's likely the same principle as a k-bar, and you?" He asked in return.

"I am good with a sling. Blowguns and darts are easy to make, especially if you can dose them with nasty surprises. Archery is easy, though a good bow is harder to make from scratch. I am decent with a sword, but am unfamiliar with a kay-bar." she said. Perhaps we both can sharpen the other's skills instead of pummeling each other?"

"I think that would be a great idea if only to keep me occupied from my normal routine" he mused before adding, "I think I'm going to need an ice pack" Ryder explained pointing towards his bruised ribs. "And a new shirt" he added with a chuckle.

Lia smiled her first genuine if small, smile since coming aboard. "I think I can manage both." She held up her hands to ask if she could touch him when he nodded, she felt his torso for a few seconds. He winced lightly. "Nothing out of place or broken. Take an analgesic if you need to. If it bothers you more at any point, I will be available for your treatment, since my blow caused your discomfort."

Ryder watched as she studied the wound touching it tentatively though it still caused him some discomfort. "Well, I should think so!" He joked enjoying that he could bring a smile even to a Romulan. He could force a healthy relationship between him and the chief medical officer one with benefits for them both.


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