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Streching The Limits, Part Two

Posted on Monday February 19th, 2018 @ 2:37pm by Lieutenant Ryder Jameson & Ensign Lia t'Rehu
Edited on on Monday February 19th, 2018 @ 2:40pm

Mission: Mission 2: Backwards Forwards
Location: Security Training Facilities
Timeline: Current


"I can respect that," he said simply opting to carry his things with him to the holodeck. "Well then, let's go and have some fun," he said flashing the woman a smile as he led the way to the holodeck. "Did you fight in the war?" He asked curiously as they left the training room.


Lia let out a genuine laugh at his comment. "I have done little else the Dominion War started. Are you old enough to have fought there? That was two decades ago?"

"I was actually thrown into a very different war, my ship the USS Fracture was dragged into another universe where the Federation didn't exist and was replaced by the Terran Empire." He shuddered at the memory. "We were lucky to have a day where we weren't involved in at least in one skirmish and lost a lot of good people. But to your question no, however, my parents did"

"Then perhaps we share bad experiences. My parents were executed for sedition by the Romulan Senate just after my posting to a warbird. I was stripped of rank, and spent the war with".....the UT had a problem with the word Lia said, it translated it as 'declared dead',...."where I learned infantry skills as well as polishing my medical training. Since then, it seems I travel from one skirmish to another. "

"Know thy self, know thy enemy, a thousand battles a thousand victories," he said absent mind-idly. The quote wasn't exactly the greatest fit but it has its merits you could fight a thousand battles and have won them all but there's always one more to fight. "We all share a different story only to all end up the same, well we're here," he said they had travelled the distance with a surprising speed both obviously eager to begin.

"Then some rules. It should be terrain neither of us is familiar with or both are. A dark, stormy night will add some suspense. Do you want to hide or shall I? Ladies first?" Lia said the last bit, mimicking Ryder's tone.

"We'll let the computer decide, Computer randomize roles attacker, defender and produce results" the holodeck beeped and opposite them on the control panel displayed the roles showing that he would be first to hide. "Well looks like I'm hiding, anything else you want to add?" Ryder asked curiously, he might have suggested turning if the safety protocols but knowing he was sparring against the chief medical officer he decided not to.

"First person to three tags wins?" Lia said.

He nodded "My thoughts exactly, the computer generates two staffs and begin a five-minute countdown." Two staffs materialised at each other's feet, using his right foot he tucked his toes under and flicked the staff upwards before grabbing it out of the air showboating somewhat. "Start the countdown," he said with a smile and then turned to hide.

So just a quick question, shall we roll for everything? Like it Ryder sees the rock get thrown or for things or chance like combat, maybe spotting something like the shirt. Since it's a teal and he's looking right at the shirt?


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