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Familiarity and contempt

Posted on Friday June 1st, 2018 @ 7:48am by Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Getting back from a shift in Medical. Lia went to the refresher and changed into a black cotton garment. The replicator had called it a Karate-Gi and her research showed it to be a form of fighting and training uniform. She like that it covered everything, but left her movements free in case she had to defend herself. The only change she made was to the belt. It was oddly comforting, but the ends sticking out bothered her, so she trimmed it and added Velcro to secure it.

She ordered the replicator to make her some sushi and a large glass of orange juice, her new favorite replicator item. As she settled in on the overstuffed couch, she asked the computer to encrypt a new personal log.

"I find my new crew-mates to be a contradiction to themselves as well as at once, maddening and sometimes supportive. A perfect example is Teagan. Her professionalism is beyond reproach. In her goal to unwind the trappings on the individuals mind, is an admirable an open society. Perhaps it's my past and upbringing that prevent me for completely trusting her. I do know that if she asks me to open up to her one more time, I will be very tempted to smash her face." Lia thought about the last lines and said, "Computer delete the last sentence and change it to, but trust like respect is earned, not given."

The interactions will the crew have been what I expected. Some don't care, other are mistrustful, and several openly show signs of outright racism. For all the glorious speeches and propaganda that I have heard about the mighty Federation being and open and inclusive society, there are still many who are borderling xenophobes and the hatred or digust in there manners and body language are obvious to anyone attuned to look for the signs.

Others have been more open. Colonel Bayushi, who would insist I call her Kachiko is more of a puzzle. She at first showed signs of that same disgust, but has since been more open to at least the idea of acceptance. Her inviting me to a family dinner was a gesture I was not expecting and her daughter was charming and intelligent. Kachiko also mentioned her former mate, and their is some transference going on, so the relationship is rocky, and tenuous. My thoughts...she is a bit duplicitous, part of her job. I cannot fault her for that.

Lastly there is Lieutenant Jameson. He and I seemed to have it an instant understanding of each other. Cut from different parts of the same cloth I suspect would be the cliche. Plus I admit to certain attraction to his green eyes. I could never act on that. At least not at this juncture.

To sum up, I have not made any friends, but more importantly, I have not made any enemies.


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