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Easter eggs and Evaluations

Posted on Sunday April 1st, 2018 @ 8:47pm by Lieutenant JG Teagan McGuire R.N., Ph.D.

I thought I'd take a brief moment to offer a routine update for the required personal log. I will admit there's nothing terribly exciting to report, but I take comfort in the mundane whenever I can, given the excitement we've experienced. The psychological evaluations continue to take up most of my time in between individual sessions. I'm fairly certain the crew is not doing much more than tolerating our meetings, but I am happy to say most of them have been quite polite about them. Still for me, it continues to be a wonderful opportunity to check in with the crew. Much has changedbringfover a relatively short period of time for a lot of people, and these required check ups always provide an opportunity to review all that has happened and to take stock of where one might be going in the future.

Not surprisingly, we have several new crewmembers to bring into the fold, including our new chief of intelligence. We are slowly but surely getting to know one another and while I have no doubt he is determined to get more out of me just as a matter of habit, I think if we can build trust, he will open up even more. On another note, our new senior medical officer is dealing with quite the chip on her shoulder. Fortunately, she does seem open to talking about what she's been through, though I know it won't be easy. After all, showing vulnerability isn't easy for anyone, but especially a woman of her cultural heritage. Still, I think I she and I have started to come to an understanding and considering she asked me to complete her physical, I think we are moving in the right direction.

I'm trying to create more balance between my work and personal life, and on a related note, the computer reminded me a Terran holiday is coming up, the holiday known as Easter. Religious connotations aside, the children a board have had fun coloring eggs and eating candy. Being in Starfleet, there certainly is no shortage of holidays to celebrate across the quadrant, but I'll take any one that involves eating chocolate.


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