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Welcome aboard

Posted on Sunday February 18th, 2018 @ 11:05am by Ensign Lia t'Rehu

Lia finally made it to her quarters. The enlisted crew member instructed her in the function of the rooms facilities. It was lavish to the extreme. Her time in the Death Squads made nearly anything seems luxurious. The Decius, her former home, was comfortable in her mind. It had nearly all the same features as the Cavalry, but the control over things aboard the Decius was managed to a very fine degree. Here, it seemed, the limits were unrestricted. Unpacking her clothing she refreshed them in the sink and hung them out to dry. The clothing on her body was the last thing. Hilea was unwilling to wait and decided to see how good the replicators were.

The machine had a problem with all of the Romulan fabrics, so she asked for a sampling of the most replicated off duty fabrics. The silk was nice, but too slippery, denim, whatever that was, seemed study and serviceable, but for now, she was drawn to the cotton. Simple and soft, she replicated a few sets of shirts, shorts, and undergarments. Washing herself was next. Usually she had to use a bowl of water and a rag. Here, she was able to stand in box and have water and something called a sonic shower, cleanse her. She dried herself with a thick towel that was hanging nearby and scrubbed herself dry. Combing out her hair, she put on some of the new items and walked to the replicator.

A cup of hholaer (coffee but with 3x the effect of espresso)

"That item is unknown", it replied.

"Then a glass of juice." She said.

"There are over 1000 types of juice and juice blends, please specify."

She shot back "Wort!" (bastard!)

The replicator created a non-fermented beer ( wort). She smelled it, it had some floral notes and a few things that were unfamiliar,. Tasting it revealed it to be at once sweet and bitter. "Offensive." Recycling it, she said. "Give me 60 milliliter samples of the top 5 juices by popularity and make sure they are labeled. Retrieving the tray she picked up a red one. She sounded out the unfamiliar word, noting that next time she would ask for the labels in Romulan or Vulcan. "Toematoe jewce."

The taste was interesting, mild with some flavor. Picking up the second, she said. "Applee jewce. Looks like strong urine." She smelled it, the scent was pleasing. She moved to the third. "Oorangee jewce." She took a tentative sip. When it hit the back of her mouth, her eyes grew wide. "This is incredible." She had only had something similar a few times growing up. Only the best houses could afford the rare fruit that could make yeho. She went back through the directories and recycled the rest, getting a very large glass of orange juice.

"Computer, open and create personal log, encrypted by my authorization codes only." she said tapping her sequence into the nearby console.

"This has be a long journey. My comrades are mistrustful, which oddly makes me feel more at home, but at other times, seem to fall over themselves trying to get into my good graces. It is....unfamiliar to me....if genuine. So far, it tells me they want something or are trying to use me later. The facilities here are also unfamiliar and will take time to get used to. It seems more like a half pleasant dream than reality." Lia said, running her hand over the soft cotton fabric and her clean skin.

"It remains to be seem if my posting here was a good thing or yet another trick of the Elements to give me something good, then burn it to the ground. Optimism is not a trait that I have fostered, and I do not intend to start now."


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