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Command Impressions

Posted on Friday December 1st, 2017 @ 12:44pm by Lieutenant JG Teagan McGuire R.N., Ph.D.

I have continued to reacquaint myself with the ship, the crew, and recent events, and while for the most part, the experience has felt like a return to familiar territory, I find myself dwelling on particular concerns.

My meeting with the Captain was brief and professional, but I still can't say I know the man as well as I would like or even need to know him. Granted, our meeting was in his office and focused mostly on mission needs, but I can't escape the feeling he was making a particular effort to ensure the conversation never ventured too closely to his own feelings or thoughts. While I know this could have just reflected the nature of the meeting, the inquisitive person in me can't help but wonder if the Captain was particularly guarded because he was addressing a counselor, or if he treats everyone this way.

While I acknowledge a single meeting is hardly enough time to truly assess a person, I found myself curious to read Captain Wentworth's personnel file once more with our meeting in mind. Previous assessments describe him as a people person, but also acknowledge his tendency to push his crew to work hard, at times making requests that are over the top. Without supporting evidence of this particular statement, I'm not sure what those requests have been, but after my meeting with him, I can see how his straight to the point, mission focused approach could lead to challenges in his professional relationships. Performance reviews suggest Wentworth is not afraid to pitch in to help others achieve important objectives, though it remains to be seen whether this crew will be able or willing to see that part of him initially confronted with an all business demeanor.

As Captain Wentworth himself readily admitted, this mission has been characterized as suicidal, with naturally potentially tragic consequences. A number of the current crew have experienced trauma in their not so distant pasts, which means depending on what happens in the future, a lot of those same emotions could be triggered.

My job will be to talk to the crew regularly to help them navigate the treacherous emotional waters ahead, but I know I must also do whatever I can to help the Captain adapt his command style to bring out the best in his crew. I have no reason to doubt he cares for them deeply, and if I can help Captain Wentworth convey that sentiment, I know we will all be the better for it.


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