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First Entry

Posted on Wednesday November 29th, 2017 @ 12:44am by Ensign Chris Wilkins

This is my first entry as Cavalry's Chief Security Officer; to say I am a bit nervous about being handed the position of department head right out of the gate is an understatement; don't get me wrong, I consider it an honor; my goal has always been to one day become Chief Security; I just . . . I just want to feel like I've earned it and right now I don't feel that way. I feel as if I was the best solution to a less than ideal situation. I'm getting off topic, I can deal with these feelings later, but right now I need to accept the responsibilities of my position and do my job.

I've only been aboard for the less than 24 hours; in this time I have already met with over half of my team; I'm currently working on duty rosters for the next few weeks. As well as going over the ship's current armaments and areas that I need to have Engineering take a look at; the replicator in my office being one of them; it's confusing hot coffee with lukewarm brown water; a minor inconvenience at the moment, but that will change if it keeps at it.

I've received a message that the ship's Chief Counselor wants to an evaluation of me; I'm going to end here and take care of this; maybe discussing the doubts I have will help put them to rest and I can get back to work.

End log.


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