The Sim

The USS Cavalry has been part of Bravo Fleet since 4 June 2017, having been associated with another fleet since it's beginning all the way back to 5 March 2011. We have gone through a couple of changes since that date, but have been onboard and writing on the USS Cavalry since 1 October 2013. The USS Cavalry is tasked with a range of missions, so there is no knowing where we will be going next, and that is all up to what our players write in their posts and our missions are guided by our players.

The USS Cavalry welcomes all players who wish to join us in our writing, regardless if you have 10 years of experience or 10 minutes; all players are welcome, and this includes transfers. We will work with you to make your transition to our simulation as seamless as possible and to make your time with us enjoyable. I warmly invite you to stay a while, browse our mission posts, check out our database for tips and advice to make your time with us enjoyable and fun and I hope to see you soon as a crewmember on the USS Cavalry.

The USS Cavalry, being a proud member of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 99 "Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time" and in accordance with our current storyline that has been running since we began, this simulation acknowledges the destruction of both Romulus and Remus and that we are simming in an era following such events.