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Captain Samuel Wentworth

Name Samuel Wentworth

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft. 2in.
Weight 166 lbs.
Hair Color Light Grey/Light Brown
Eye Color Light Blue


Spouse Claudia Wentworth
Children None
Father Lionel Wentworth
Mother Patricia Wentworth (nee Wright)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Samuel is very much a people person, he doesn’t like the rock the boat so much, but he does expect his crew to work hard. He is not afraid to get his own hands dirty, and will in some situations get straight to where the action is to help out and provide support and an extra set of hands if it means success over failure. Samuel is never one to reticule a crew member for offering an opinion and will always support his crew and team when it comes to ensuring that they have what they need to do their job, and are in good spirits. Samuel does, from time to time, go a little bit over the top with his requests of his crew, he will on occasions ask a bit too much of his crew, stemming from his desire to have a great crew working hard. He does appreciate their hard work, and will on occasions ask something that even he could do, or will get a little concerned that his orders were understood. This leads Samuel to always offer the crew the chance to speak out if something is too much, and to work together on finding the right balance.
Ambitions Samuel is very much happy with what he has in life, he commands a starship, he leads an entire crew and very much enjoys what he does each and every day. His ambition is to see the best out of his crew every time they step up to their duty station.
Hobbies & Interests Samuel enjoys spending time on the holodeck, like any other Starfleet personnel, but when he doesn’t have time for the holodeck or when he isn’t working with the crew, he likes to spend time just relaxing, maybe reading a book, or enjoying a nice drink in the lounge, or taking a walk around the ship and seeing those crew members who might not normally have that chance moment to speak with the Commanding Officer.

Personal History Samuel Chester Wentworth, better known as “Sam” was born on December 19, 2347, to parents Lionel and Patricia Wentworth on Oviedo Colony, a small colony near the Klingon border. Samuel was an only child, so the love of his parents was even more focussed on him. His father was a civilian legal officer for the Starfleet part of the colony, as Oviedo Colony worked very closely with the Federation, and Samuel would from time to time, go with his father to work and see what went on. He built up a good friendship with many of the officers and was even presented with an honorary officer rank by the Commanding Officer of the colony, Captain Gregory O’Brien, who was very much a family person himself and loved having the families of the personnel and civilians interacting, so much so that he even hosted annual parties for different celebrations. Samuel, one year at one of these celebrations, had the chance to go up in a shuttle with one of the pilots based at the colony, and his love of space and the galaxy grew from that day, so much so that everything in his life had to do with that one topic. He wanted to be an explorer, but he also wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a lawyer.

Samuel enjoyed his time on campus and did enjoy a social life when he could get the chance, but his desire to do well in the academy drove him to study a lot as well. Samuel enjoyed the friendship and companionship that he had with all of his friends, as well as the assistant that the instructors provided. He excelled in many areas of his studies but performed flawlessly in his legal studies, so much so that he was encouraged to take up further and more advanced studies, and Samuel ended up making it his final year major at the academy. It was still a long way off, but it did get Samuel interested when he was invited to take on some intern work at JAG Headquarters. Upon his graduation from the Academy, JAG Headquarters offered him a position in the department, and it was something that he took up, and then spent six weeks of further training and then he was offered different positions on legal teams in different areas around the quadrant. There were many options for Samuel to take up, but there was one that took his interest from the get-go and it was the only choice he had made. It was Ovideo Colony.Samuel, although being the youngest student ever at the Academy, made friends very easily, and much like his time at high school and even as far back as elementary school; he took on extra-curricular activities including athletics, band, drama club and photography. Samuel jumped at the chance to head back home, and serve on the Starfleet colony as an officer. They were looking for new diplomats, as the colony was the base for all regional diplomatic functions, so it gave Samuel a chance to not only head home but to travel around the region

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After three years being assigned to Starbase 134 as their JAG Officer, Samuel got the chance that he thought he would never have, serving at Starfleet Command in the JAG Corps Offices. He was even more surprised when he turned up for what was his first day, even after being assigned there three years ago, to find out that he would be acting as Chief of Staff to Vice Admiral Stephen Creek, who had only weeks earlier been appointed as Judge-Advocate General. This was a big step up for Samuel, who was just pleased to finally be where most of the action was, and a lot of the decisions he had made on Starbase 134 were filed here and a couple of cases were pending. Samuel knew that he

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After the biggest win of his career, Samuel spent some time wondering what was going to happen, he had his choice of any JAG assignment, he could stay with Vice Admiral Creek, but there was just something about a command that sparked his interest and he just couldn’t give up the chance. Asking for a transfer, the last words that Vice Admiral Creek said to him was “That I’m not going with you” and he transferred to the USS Pinto, a nice Nebula-class starship in need of an Executive Officer. With his JAG experience, it was a good team that started, with Captain Natalie DeMarco in charge, the two of them worked well together, always bouncing ideas off one another and really bringing the morale of the whole crew up further than they had thought. The crew of the Pinto worked well together, spending many months away from their base at Starbase 101 on deep space assignments.

In 2388, as they headed out on another patrol mission, something happened and Captain DeMarco fell ill. As they were some months away from finishing their assignment and they could not be replaced by any other ship, the crew just had to make do with what they had, keeping Captain DeMarco medicated through the sickbay, but one morning, her Yeoman found Captain DeMarco dead in her quarters. The official report and autopsy indicated no foul play, but natural causes led by severe cancer that had not been noticed in her last physical, which had been done away from Starfleet. With no other choice, Samuel was appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Pinto. A bittersweet promotion to Captain followed days later on Starbase 101. He didn’t like this, he didn’t like that he had become commander like this, but promised to move forward and always remember the legacy of Captain DeMarco. They renamed one of the shuttles after her and also renamed the crew lounge after her, a fitting tribute.

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After almost ten years of service to the USS Pinto, Samuel felt it was the right time to make a change, he submitted his transfer request, handing command over to his Executive Officer, and then waited around for a new command to become available. It was only a couple of weeks, when he was informed that the USS Cavalry was coming in, for a repair schedule following its attack by rogue civilians near Thexi III, when Samuel also heard that the previous Commanding Officer was retiring from command to spend more time with his family and taking up a desk job, he didn’t even have time to request it, Starfleet Command assigned him to the command of the USS Cavalry, a new beginning for Samuel.
Service Record 2366 - 2369 (Starfleet Academy, Cadet)
2370 - 2373 (Oviedo Colony - Ensign, Diplomatic Corpsman)
2374 - 2377 (Oviedo Colony - Lieutenant JG, Diplomatic Officer)
2377 - 2380 (Starfleet Command, T.A.D to Starbase 134 - Lieutenant, JAG Officer)
2380 - 2383 (Starfleet Command, Chief of Staff to Vice Admiral Stephen Creek - Lieutenant Commander, JAG Officer)
2384 - 2388 (USS Pinto - Commander, Executive Officer)
2388 - 2392 (USS Pinto - Captain, Commanding Officer)
2392 - Present (USS Cavalry - Captain, Commanding Officer)