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We Are Still Here!

Posted on Monday August 20th, 2018 @ 5:01pm by Captain Samuel Wentworth

Contrary to popular belief, we are still active everyone! The crew has had a meeting and we feel that it is best to keep going, we have unfinished business, we have a mission to complete and it would be unfair to the Task Force for us to give up on this simulation after so many years. For the record, we've been going for well over 6 years now!

We are opening our recruitment up even further, so we will be around more now and you'll see what we are all about. Loads of positions are open for applications. Our mission will be moving forward, even more, the crew have agreed as a group to work together to rebuild the simulation and I have all the hope and desire to keep this simulation going for many more years!

You'll be seeing much more from the Cavalry simulation into the coming months!


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Category: Sim Announcement